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ICUU Executive Committee Meets in Netherlands
Plans for 2016 Council Meeting & Drafts New 2020 Vision

The next ICUU Council Meeting and Conference will be held from July 16 to 23, 2016 at the Mennorode Conference in Nuspeet, The Netherlands. In mid-July, the ICUU Executive Committee met on- site to review plans for the event while holding their annual face to face meeting. An announcement of the theme and of further details is planned for September.

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A new 2020 Vision for the ICUU emerged from a face to face meeting of the Executive Committee (ICUU EC) last week in the Netherlands.

The EC is committed to a vision of ICUU:
- helping member groups to help each other to be strong,
- creating exciting opportunities to meet, learn and develop together,
- building a new, effective and adaptive organizational structure,
- embracing high-level international collaboration,
- creating high visibility and inspiring strong member engagement,
- maximizing online resources and engagement opportunities,
- becoming financially responsible and well-resourced.

Work is underway on a strategic plan to provide a roadmap for implementation of this vision. Member groups will be invited to become involved in this planning through upcoming consultations such as the Essex 2.0 meeting planned for March 2016.

To best deliver this broadened vision, the ICUU is seeking a new Executive Director to take up the position in the latter part of 2016.

An EC Task Force has been commissioned to prepare an appropriate job description and to oversee the recruitment process.

The current Executive Director has decided to retire from ICUU employment in November 2016. The Council Meeting and Conference in July 2016 will be the last such meeting for which he will have overall responsibility and it will include an opportunity to thank him for his service.

More information about applying for the Executive Director position will be circulated when available. Any questions should be sent to ICUU President Rev. David Gyero at

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Please register for ICUU Council Special General Meeting November 6 2015 on Nov 6, 2015 7:30 PM GMT at:

A special general meeting of the ICUU Council to review the draft budget for 2016 and hear an update on plans and developments. 

1. Welcome from President 
2. Guidance on Gotowebinar (Exec Dir) 
3. Determination of Quorum (Pres & Exec Dir) 
4. Report on the new ICUU 2020 Vision (Pres) 
5. Update on Fundraising Appeal (Pres) 
6. Treasurer’s Report & Interim Accounts (Treasurer) 
7. Consideration of proposed ICUU Budget for 2015 (Treasurer) 
8. Update on Council Meeting 2016 in the Netherlands (Exec Dir) 
9. Opportunity for questions and discussion 

Local times of meeting: 
Pacific Time: 11:30, Mountain Time: 12:30, Central Time: 23:30, Eastern Time: 14:30, UK: 19:30, Western Europe: 20:30, Central Europe & Africa: 21:30, Australia: 06:00 November 7 

Relevant Documents to include written reports, Interim Accounts and a copy of the proposed 2016 Budget will be circulated to participants registered for the meeting prior to the Special General Meeting. 

The meeting will be conducted online through any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. It is expected the meeting will conclude no later than 21:00 UK time. 

This meeting is open to council members and observers. All participants must register in advance using this invitation. 

Council members/proxies may be asked to complete a delegate form to be able to vote during the meeting. 

All are welcome to participate although only Council members can quote and observers can only speak with the permission of the President. 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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BELONGING -- Proceedings of the 3rd ICUU Theological Symposium held in July 2010 in The Netherlands

A free copy of the ebook can be viewd and saved from the link below:

Click Here for Copy of Theological Symposium 2010 Proceedings

478 Humble

HUMBLE IN FRONT OF GOD --Words for Worship from Traynsylvanian Unitarians translated into English

A free copy of the ebook can be viewed and saved from the link below:

Click Here for Copy of Humble in Front of God

Site Introduction

The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists is a network of Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist organizations. 22 national full member groups comprise the voting members of the Council. Provisional and emerging groups represent Unitarians from more than a dozen more countries. This site has been designed to serve those new to Unitarianism, Universalism and Unitarian Universalism, those who are new to the international aspects of our faith and finally, member groups and their delegates. There is a mix of educational and institutional information as well as news of programs and upcoming events.

In the News Languages Chalice Lighting

From The ICUU President           11 August 2015
Dear Colleagues and Friends of ICUU,
Behind the scenes a new ICUU website is in preparation.

However the development phase is taking longer than expected.

So we aree updating the previous site in the meanwhile.

Volunters with Drupal skills are need to help get the new site up and running.

We are also looking for people to help update and write new text.

If you acan help us in this way, please contact Steve Dick at

Kind Regards,
Rev. David Gyero
President, International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
Deputy Bishop, Hungarian Unitarian Church


ICUU is seeking chalice lighting words to be considered for publication in the GLOBAL CHALICE LIGHTING WORDS series.

Submissions should be original or adapted words designed for use when lighting a chalice in the context of worship.

The author must be a member of an ICUU Member Group or of an Emerging Group recognized by ICUU.

Submission in a local language in addition to English is welcomed, particularly when English is not the native language.

Please note it is not possible to promise that submitted words can be used in a particular month or that any submission will be included in the series. A number of factors are considered when considered which words will be selected and when they will be used.

Submissions can be sent to ICUU GLOBAL CHALICE LIGHTING WORDS Coordinator Steve Dick at

We look forward to receiving GLOBAL CHALICE LIGHTING WORDS from around the world and thank you for your assistance.

ICUU wants to be responsive to the need for material about the Unitarian and Universalist religion in many languages. To begin, we can direct you to these existing sites:

Brazilian, Portuguese | Czech | Chinese | Danish | Spanish | Finnish | French | German | Hungarian | Italian: , | Polish | Russian | Swedish

Please email us with other sites that you know about.

French translation of the ICUU Preamble now available

The French Christian Unitarians (AFCU) are promoting a new website on Unitarianism and Unitarian biographies in French. The URL is:


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Global Chalice Lighting for August, 2015

The International Council ofUnitarians and Universalists announces the 144th in its monthly series of global chalice lighting readings. Congregations worldwide are invited to participate.

All ICUU-affiliated groups have been asked to submit brief chalice lightings for the project. Every month, a reading will be distributed to Unitarian and Universalist congregations around the world. We ask each congregation to use the reading for at least one worship service in the designated month, identifying it as the “Global Chalice Lighting” for that month and naming the group which submitted it. Readings will be circulated in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and, where different, in their original language.

It is hoped that the ICUU Global Chalice Lighting Project will enhance the worship experience in our congregations and raise awareness of the international dimensions of our religious movement.

Past Chalice Lightings

This Global Chalice Lighting is to be used during August 2015.

    We light this chalice as a symbol of our faith.
By its light, may our vision be illumined
By its warmth, may our fellowship be encouraged
And by its flame, may our yearnings for peace, justice, and the life of the spirit be
enkindled.  —David Usher (founding President, ICUU)
British General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

-- David Usher(ICUU 開國總統)

Nous allumons cette flamme en signe de foi:
Qu’elle éclaire notre vision,
Qu’elle réchauffe notre communauté,
Et qu’elle enflamme notre désir de paix, de justice, et de vie de l’esprit.
—David Usher (founding President, ICUU)
British General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

Wir entzünden diesen Leuchter als Sinnbild für unseren Glauben.
Möge unsere Vision durch dieses Licht zum Leuchten gebracht werden.
Möge unsere Gemeinschaft durch seine Wärme ermutigt
und durch seine Flamme unsere Sehnsucht nach Frieden, Gerechtigkeit
und der Sinnhaftigkeit des Lebens entzündet werden.   
—David Usher (founding President, ICUU)
British General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

Accendiamo questo calice come simbolo della nostra fede.
Possa la  nostra visione essere illuminata dalla sua luce
 Possa il suo calore incoraggiare la nostra comunione.
Possa la sua fiamma, accendere  i nostri aneliti di pace e di giustizia,  e la nostra vita spirituale.
-David Usher (Presidente fondatore, ICUU)

Encendemos este cáliz como símbolo de nuestra fe.
Con su luz, que nuestra visión se ilumine.
Con su calor, que nuestra comunidad sea reforzada.
Y con su llama, que nuestras ansias de paz, justicia y la vida del espíritu tengan un vigor renovado.
—David Usher (President fundador, ICUU)
Asamblea General de Iglesias Unitarias y Cristianas Libres de Gran Bretaña

(With many thanks to our volunteer translators: Adam Hargrove (Chinese), Nathalie Brunet (French), Freya Bednarski-Stelling (German), Paola Ferarri (Italian) and Jaume de Marcos (Spanish).)





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