Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed

READ HERE Now presenting Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed’s book exploring for the first time, the origins and history of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists. In his dynamic and thoughtful writing, Morrison-Reed tells the story of how ICUU began, who the key players were and the central issues the newly formed organization tried to address.

International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
Council Meeting & Conference
11 February 2018 - 15 February 2018

The Heart of Unitarianism/Universalism


As part of the thoughtful and powerful work of our most recent Council Meeting and Conference at Mennorode Conference Center in the Netherlands, the members and friends of the ICUU created and adopted a new Mission Statement: The mission of the ICUU is to empower existing and emerging member groups to sustain and grow our global faith community.




On April 19, 2016 the Executive Committee of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) has confirmed the appointment of the Rev. Sara Ascher as the new Interim Executive Director of the organization. She will start her new service in August, taking over the position from current Executive Director, Rev. Steve Dick, retiring at the end of the year.


The situation in Burundi remains of concern with widespread violence mostly in Bujumbura but also in rural areas.  As a consequence, many deaths are registered and dead body are still found on the streets and other people are killed through fighting between armed groups and the police and the Army.

Suspected Mass Graves in Burundi

Young Aduls

The UU Partner Church Council has set aside funds to provide assist young adult participants (ages 21 – 35) to attend the International Council of Unitarians & Universalists Conference and Council meeting in July 2016. It is our hope that these funds will make it possible for young adults to join in the important international work of our shared faith. 

In the interests of open access and transparency, grants to attend the ICUU Council Meeting and Conference to be held July 2016 in the Netherlands will be determined via an application process.

Kenya Faithfy

Dear Friends - the ICUU has worked to support emerging U-U groups in Kenya for more than five years.  Congregations in the USA, Canada, and Europe and other parts of Africa have helped in this process, and Kenyan Unitarianism has developed into a working coalition of six groups.  We aim to continue our support for the development of this Kenyan coalition, the UU Church of Kenya, with a parallel coalition of non-Kenyan congregations around the world, focusing together on organizational development and mentoring.  You may already be part of this growing coalition.

ICUU Workshop 2014

ICUU invites proposals for workshops to be included in the program of the ICUU Conference in Elspeet, The Netherlands from July 17 to 21, 2016.

The workshops are planned for Wednesday July 20, 2014 and will be an hour in length. There will be two afternoon slots and two evening slots, giving each participant an opportunity to attend up to four workshops or focus meetings.