ICUU Executive Committee 2016 Council Meeting Update


As part of the thoughtful and powerful work of our most recent Council Meeting and Conference at Mennorode Conference Center in the Netherlands, the members and friends of the ICUU created and adopted a new Mission Statement: The mission of the ICUU is to empower existing and emerging member groups to sustain and grow our global faith community.


Following a reaffirmation of the founding principles of the ICUU and the refocusing of its Mission, the leaders of the ICUU now turn their attention to using the renewed Mission Statement as a guide in determining how we re-vision the work of our vibrant and diverse organization.


For this purpose, the Executive Committee of the ICUU has established a Strategic Task Force. The members of this Task Force includes new Executive Director, Sara Ascher, Treasurer, John “Mich” Michell, and Members-at-Large Inga Brandes and Eric Cherry.


Their work will be to create a Strategic Plan for evaluating and addressing the necessary changes to the current organizational structures and policies. The goals of this Task Force are to:

                [1] clearly articulate a thoughtful analysis of work already done, particularly in the Essex 2.0 process, the facilitated large group process at Mennorode as well as the outcomes of Vision 2020, and the recent Governance Task Force

                [2] produce a well-defined plan to address the mandates that came from the facilitated large group process at Mennorode

                [3] generate strategic goals for the ICUU EC and Staff based on the analysis and mandates of the work done over the past year and at this Council Meeting and Conference.

                [4] determine how to ensure multiple perspectives are included in process


The work of reimagining how the ICUU as an organization fulfils its Mission does not belong to the Task Force alone, nor even only to the Executive Committee, but will be an effort that Member Groups and dedicated volunteers will need to be part of as well. We look forward to building stronger interconnected global U/U liberal religious communities and we hope you will join us!