Ways to connect with ICUU and to support its work

The ICUU is a growing collaboration of 33 member and emerging groups of Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists, welcoming new U-U organizations from Burundi, Kenya, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Congo-Brazzaville, Austria, Brazil and Indonesia since 2005.  While each member group contributes proportionate dues based on size and economic ability, sustaining the work of training leaders, gathering peers, sharing resources, and expanding the global U-U community requires the generous support of likeminded individuals and organizations.


Annual Support

Membership dues are responsible for approximately half of our annual budget. It is only through generous charitable support that we have the resources needed to join together our global community and nurture our shared faith:

  • Via PayPal/Credit Card
  • US or Canadian Checks or Money Orders: ICUU, P.O. Box 2575, Corvallis, OR 97339, USA.
  • Other Countries - plase contact

One Faith Many Flames Campaign

The ICUU is in the early phases of launching a major campaign to support the next 3-5 years of its growth and transformation. Between now and the end of 2016, we will be inviting commitments from individuals, congregations, and international member organizations to help increase our institutional capacity and expand services to member organizations and emerging groups. For information on the campaign or how to join in this work, please contact the Campaign Chair, Cecilia Kingman, at


Congregational Support

One of the most effective ways to increase visibility and support for the international U-U community is through the work of individual congregations, whether by making the ICUU the beneficiary of a Sunday collection, granting support through mission or outreach funds, or by hosting an awareness event. To explore how best to involve your own congregation, please contract Jill McAllister at


The ICUU is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (No 91-1821773). We welcome support from donors throughout the world, and contributions from U.S. donors are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. If you have questions about how to best direct support to the ICUU from another country or the tax implications of your gift, please contact Steve Dick at